5 Ways You Are Going To Ruin Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Affiliate marketing is a difficult science to get down right. There are plenty of great entrepreneurs who have tried their hand at affiliate marketing and failed. There are variety of reasons why marketers can fail and challenges that need to be overcome (generating traffic, ranking well for SEO etc.) However, there are several mistakes that are well within our control.


The mistakes that I have mentioned below have toppled many affiliate marketing campaigns:

Selling junk

Selling a product that nobody wants is a surefire way to fail as an affiliate marketer. I know it sounds obvious, but it is an all too common mistake. Many marketers look at the price tag and commission of a product before signing up. They don’t think about the conversions they will get from it. Sure, you might get a $500 commission from a single sale. Sounds appealing, until you consider no one is going to buy the product because it doesn’t offer any value. What is the point of creating entire pages on your affiliate site for products no one will ever buy? I’ll pass on that one.

Selling snakeoil

What’s worse than endorsing a product no one wants? Try endorsing a scam. This will destroy your credibility overnight. Just try working as an affiliate marketer when no one trusts you. I know a guy who marketed a kit that taught people how to make money on Google. I wasn’t willing to sign up for this kit, but the people who did were over-billed and billed repetitively each month. The scam this guy operated told me I could never trust him. Even if you honestly don’t know a product is part of a scam, don’t expect customers to know the difference. Know what you are selling.

Wrong demographic

Who is your target customer? Where do you find them? These are things you need to ask yourself the moment you start selling any affiliate product. Would you try selling Eminem songs on a blog directed to medical transcribers? If you did, your conversions would be almost nonexistent. Marketing is a two-pronged strategy. You need to know who your target customer is and how to reach them. If you are wrong on either point, you can’t possibly succeed.

Your marketing sucks

I don’t mean to sound harsh, but you obviously need a strong marketing strategy to get people to find your affiliate link. Whether you are leaving links at your own site or on other sites, you need to compel people to click on them. This means you need a good landing page, good traffic and a call to action. Don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t happen right away. It takes time. However, you need to start tracking conversions from day one. An article on Problogger recently talked about the tool Website Optimizer. Use that or a similar tool to track conversions. If something isn’t working, you need to explore a method that does.

Affiliate marketing is every bit as much an art as a science. Make sure you are strategic about how you choose and market your products. Beginning affiliates are often surprised by how difficult it can be to get good conversions. Trust me, it is worth it in the long-term.

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