Choosing the Best Smartphone this Year

The time has come for you to buy a new Smartphone. That is your New Year’s wish and decision! But you don’t know which one it suits you? Well of course you should be picky when you are buying a smartphone. In spite of everything, you and your smartphone are going to do everything together – from capturing thousands of photos and playing many games to social networking, texting and email. Don’t forget, phone calls as well! Here are some tips how to choose the best Smartphone!

First things first, figure out what your needs are

What kind of Smartphone do you need? Large screen or small screen, a physical keyboard? Maybe you want a phone with an amazing camera?  Check out what really matters to you and write that down. Believe it or not, but your decisions will concern everything that is to come.

Choose an operating system

There are four operating system today: Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.



Android is developed by Google, and it runs on the majority of new phones. Android has a strong application store called Google Play full of Google services. It’s similar to iOS, but it has home screens and widgets which show things like clock and the weather.



If you prefer physical keyboards and small screens, BlackBerry may be the best choice for you. The only problem here is that the most Blackberry devices have slower hardware in comparison with Android and iOS offer.



The iPhone are the only phones which runs  iOS and Apple. If you have any Apple devices or enjoy services like iTunes, this smartphone may be a good choice for you. You cannot have much geeky tinkering as Android has, but you can have a clean, simple design and an application/game catalog that are better than any other mobile platforms.

Windows Phone:


It is the only OS which has a new type of interface. Instead of a grid of shortcuts and a notifications, Windows Phone is using Live Tiles, which are half application icon, so-called half widget. Everything you have on your homepage can display moving information or graphics.

And the last thing, but not the least, are the features you want to have in your Smartphone!

Nice screen. You can choose between the AMOLED and LCD. These both screens are nice in their own ways. Quad core processor. It is better to have quad core processor because it will have a longer shelf life if you compare it with a phone with a single-core CPU. A good camera. One of the most important features of the Smartphone. Always, take a few test shots with your phone to compare it with the other phones. And battery life. You don’t want to recharge your phone all the time! If your phone can’t hold a charge the whole day when you buy it, it’s going to be much worse in 12 or 24 months.

So, what are your views on these devices?

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